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Christmas Day sermon 2017

Driving down Brunswick Rd on Sat afternoon.  We slowed before the lights at Sydney Rd intersection and cars band up.. maybe 7 or so between where I was and the… Read more »

2017 Christmas Services

The year we have three opportunities to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ through carols, bible readings, prayers and fellowship together.  They are Carol service in the courtyard of the… Read more »

sermon August 13 2017 Joseph

Today we are continuing our series on the first book of the Bible, Genesis, which as we have noted more than once is also largely the saga of one extended… Read more »

Sermon July 16, 2017

Genesis 25:19 – 34 Esau and Jacob God calls Abraham into covenant and made the promise of descendants and called the nation to faithflness and the story unfolds telling the… Read more »