Welcoming Ceremony

A great celebration today at Sunshine Uniting where we welcomed  7 new or newish people as part of the faith community at Sunshine.  And what a fascinating mix of people who introduced themselves to the congregation!  Some born in rural Victoria, some born overseas, some grew up in devout Christian households, some had converted from other religions, some had come through refugee camps.  But what they had in common was a faith in Jesus Christ and a willingness to name Sunshine Uniting as their faith community.  This is not formalise transfer of Church membership,though we do encourage that where appropriate. Today was about a recognition and welcome and saying how great to have you among us – you are now “us”.  And was wonderful to hear some of the long attending members say how inspiring they found the stories being told, and how encouraged they were that their church has a future after all.  God is stirring people to faith and they saw it and heard it in their presence today.