New Look for Worship Space

The Sunshine Uniting Church Council after much discussion over a fair period of time has taken the decision to turn the worship space around.  Shortly we will be seated facing in the direction of facing Devonshire Rd (south).  The interesting thing about this is that it is precisely the opposite direction as what the congregation faced when the church was built in the late 1950’s, but it does mean we will using the space along the long axis that clearly the building was designed for.  As part of the decision we have decided to get rid of the pews and have put in an order for 100 comfortable individual chairs.  The idea is in the front part of the church to arrange them in a horse shoe/semi circle configuration and allow us to worship as a gathered community who are able to see and interact with each other during worship. We have further plans for renovation in the worship area but thought we could make a start with the chairs even before the other things are ready to begin.

It will probably be another 5 weeks or so before we can take delivery but we are looking forward to our new arrangements.